Our Story


The Berkley Homes Story

We are a Sydney based custom home builder founded in 2017 by Aaron McEvoy to deliver building industry wisdom and experience with generous doses of excitement, innovation, energy and progressive modern design thinking.

Having been a project manager with an established home builder in Sydney for a decade, Aaron created Berkley Homes to pursue his passion for working one on one with clients to design, build and bring to life custom homes. With an exciting, highly personalised service, Berkley Homes creates truly one of a kind, upmarket homes, right down to every brick, piece of timber, tile and design feature.

Our approach is refreshingly bespoke. We don't pigeonhole you into using a stock set of suppliers, nor do we have stock colour choices. Simply tell us what you want, and we'll go get it for you. Not sure what you want? We'll help you decide and explain how to use your budget to get the most value for your spend.

Through our unique mix of industry experience, progressive modern thinking, and our value-add philosophy, we provide a new experience for home buyers. Berkley Homes offers the security and reassurances that come with experience and the innovation and energy that can only be found in a modern building thought leader.

Knockdown Rebuilds

Love where you live, but not the house you live in? Then a knockdown rebuild is for you.

Custom Homes

Already have land and dreaming of your perfect home? Speak to us about a custom design that ticks all your boxes.


Want to future proof your next home to accommodate the extended family? Let’s chat about how we can make you’re home suitable for multi-generations.


Timeless original designs

When you choose Berkley Homes, you are choosing to be original - to have a home that is unlike anything else out there. We are not a volume builder; we are very selective with the projects we choose to take on because we are interested in building timeless, artful homes that are 100% original.

For us, it's all in the details - we go through them with a fine tooth comb to bring the right design features together that will provide the most value for our clients. After all, your new home will be on display for many decades to come; like a fine wine or great art, we want it to only get better with age.

In creative collaboration with you, we can work up an innovative, smart design that maximises the value where you want it most. This involves strategically considering how we allocate your budget to give you the highest return for your spend.

We are a small yet complete team, which enables us to work one on one with you from start to finish. What we agree to at the start of our relationship is what we deliver once we finish your build. Nothing is lost in translation or misconstrued because Aaron is your sole point of contact.

Aaron acts as Project Manager for every Berkley Homes job, including working directly with our in-house architect to communicate your vision. Aaron also personally liaises with building suppliers to inspect supplies and ensure that what goes into your new home is perfect. All of this ensures a consistent service, eliminates downtime, and helps us deliver a stress-free build.