Custom Homes

Every design is one of a kind

Forget everything you know about home design and home building. Forget what you've seen in the market. Very few home builders are true custom home builders, but with Berkley Homes you really can have a true, one of a kind home.

When you choose Berkley Homes, we are designing for you. Not for ourselves and not for anyone else. We don't have a set list of suppliers we use, nor do we have a spreadsheet of standard colour options, because we are not a standard builder. Tell us what you want, and we'll go get it for you.

Our design decisions are squarely aimed at delivering the most value for our clients. We will think outside the box to most effectively use the budget you wish to spend to give your new home the biggest wow factor possible. We will design your home with a flair for creativity and with your long-term plan in mind, whether we are designing your forever home, or a home you plan to sell in ten years.

One thing our team, led by Founder and Managing Director Aaron McEvoy, knows well is that in custom home building not everything has to be the gold standard. It's about knowing where to spend your budget and where to save your budget. It's about smart, well-considered design that factors in the big picture when deciding on the little details that make all the difference. Every little detail matters, to you and to us. Tell us the vision you are picturing in your mind and we'll bring it to life in full colour.

Build differently. Build with Berkely.

Speak to us today to find out how we can collaborate with you to plan, design, build and deliver your truly one of a kind new home.