Knock Down Rebuilds

Love where you live?

Do you live in your dream location but not in your dream home? Or perhaps you've bought a great block of land to demolish what's there and build what you really want. If you love your land but want to fall head over heals in love with an entirely new, 100% custom home, then a Knock Down Rebuild with Berkley Homes can bring your vision to life.

Key to a great Knock Down Rebuild is a creative approach from a forward-leaning builder who brings building industry knowledge and infuses it with creative flair and progressive thinking. It's about balancing exciting new design perspectives with the wisdom and security that only comes with experience.

Berkley Homes specialises in Knock Down Rebuild projects to deliver truly original homes on preferred sites for clients. Every home we build is 100% unique; we don't have standard home designs because "standard" is not in our vocabulary. We don't work off template designs because we don't push you where you don't want to go. Our fresh approach to home design and home building is purely focused on delivering the most value for your budget.

Build differently. Build with Berkley.

Speak to us today to find out how we can collaborate with you to plan, design, build and deliver your truly one of a kind knock down rebuild project.