Homes for families of all shapes and sizes

As a boutique custom home designer, Berkley Homes has the right balance of home building experience and progressive thinking to design and build quality multi-dwelling homes around your needs for how you want to live. If you can picture it in your mind, then we have the creative flair and modern design ethos to bring it to life, and with an emphasis on using your budget to deliver value where it matters most.

The most popular options for homebuyers considering a new multi-dwelling home are duplexes and house & granny flat designs. At Berkley Homes, we have proven, hands-on experience in designing, building and delivering both duplexes and house & granny flats, attached or detached. Our design team can work with you to create a design that brings your new multi-dwelling home to life, precisely as you imagine it.


Duplexes are the most common form of multi-dwelling homes in Australia, and can be found in many suburbs - both old and new - and for a good reason. Duplexes offer two fully functional and fully self-contained homes. They use the available land efficiently to ensure that each duplex has all the facilities and space as a standalone home.

In a duplex, nothing is shared, except for the wall that runs down the middle. Often, to the untrained eye, a duplex can look like a single dwelling from the street, and that's part of the appeal.

As a true custom home designer, Berkley Homes will work with you to design and build a duplex to suit your needs. Everything we build is custom, so whether you want to build a single storey or double storey duplex, Berkley Homes can design and build it.

House and Granny Flats

Whether you're after a house & granny flat under the one roof, or would prefer a detached option, Berkley Homes will custom design a multi-dwelling home that is unique to you and your requirements.

You may be after an all-in-one design to accommodate aging parents, while still providing them with their independence. Or you may want to rent it out to help reduce your mortgage. Whatever your needs, Berkley Homes can create something that is unique to you.

In addition to attached house & granny flats, Berkley Homes can also build stand alone granny flats on your existing land. Fully self contained and complete with kitchen, bathroom, dining and living area, a detached granny flat can provide an additional income through leasing, or just to have a second home on your land to accommodate family or guests.

Bring your home to life with Berkley Homes

Whatever you require from your new multi-dwelling home, Berkley Homes can envision, design and bring to life the home that you are picturing in your mind’s eye. Our design team can work with you to create the original multi-dwelling home design that will accommodate the needs and desires you have for your new bespoke home. In close collaboration with you, we will design and build your new multi-dwelling home to maximise value within your budget.

Build differently. Build with Berkley.

Speak to us today to find out how we can collaborate with you to plan, design, build and deliver your truly one of a kind new home.